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The bandage material used in the manufacture of our products is the finest 120D Dual-trains Rayon (90% Rayon, 9% Nylon, 1% Spandex). This ensures that our bandage range is of the highest quality, maintains stretch and durability. Dresses in our collection have been manufactured to follow the natural contours of the female silhouette to ensure best fit.

Care instructions (Washing):

  • Dry cleaning is recommended. Our bandage garments are made with 90% rayon and a blend of nylon and spandex. Rayon is super absorbent and inclined to either shrinking or stretching when wet. Following care instructions and reducing contact with water is KEY to the longevity and quality of your garment.

Care instructions (Storage):

  • DO NOT crumble/scrunch your garment when storing. Avoid hanging, as this may cause your bandage dress to stretch and loose shape over time. Always store with minimal folds.
  • NEVER store your dress in plastic of vinyl for extended periods of time due to natural breaking down of chemicals that can cause unpleasant odors of staining over a long period of time.